I am a big time sap. I literally cry at some point during every wedding. Not for anything sad or awful but honestly because it is a culmination of your love story. All the hours spend talking, dreaming, adventuring together be it the most mundane or spectacular adventure. Your wedding is uniquely yours just like your love story and I am just so thankful to be there to celebrate with you both & document the day. I value traditional portraiture but I also love the candid in-between moments that pass on by. 

There is a famous quote and I will 100% botch it but essentially it talks about how something like 80% of life is lived in the mundane not on the highest of highs. Yes I will photograph your first kiss and first dance and all of those iconic moments but my favorite end up being the soft touch, holding of hands, and the laughing on the dance floor with your favorite people having the time of your life. It is all SO important and I want to document it all!

Someone once said, the moments in life are like trying to hold onto sand, no matter how hard you try to keep every last piece, they like time will inevitably continue to pass. This moment in time will be gone in an instant. So while memories of the details of your wedding and love story will continue to fade, these images will not. That is my goal in my work. To document your day in such a way that 50+ years from now you can look at your images and remember what that day felt like, what your love felt like. 

in an intentional and candid way

your memories documented for generations

  • Guidance-I offer planning help, vendor recommendations, a wedding planning guide, and a custom details day-of-timeline.
  • Steadiness-when building my business I worked as an ER nurse, this experience has helped me to remain calm in life's most stressful situations. Should they arise on your wedding day, know that I am there for you!
  • Artistry-my work is my art, an extension of myself and my creativity. it is so tightly woven to who I am individually and I take your story and unique vision seriously. I also take precautions to ensure your memories are safe & secure. 
  • Freedom-This is your day. I want you to be able to feel the freedom to express yourselves, to feel all the emotions & embrace them. I'll be crying right alongside of you, trust me. 
  • Photographic Film- I have been working on mastering the art of film photography, it has become a passion of mine. One that I would love to continue to incorporate into weddings alongside digital imagery. 

here is what you can expect...

All wedding packages come with...
  • 2 photographers (because 2x the artistry)
  • a complimentary engagement session
  • planning help, custom timeline, etc.
  • images delivered via an online gallery in 8 weeks
  • print release for the images
  • sneaks delivered within a week

the wedding
photography experience

Yes of course! That's why I offer a complementary engagement session, so we can  meet up, get comfortable in front of the camera & enjoy this short but intimate engagement season! 

Yes! I co-own Rendezvous Elopements & you can book me for elopements over there! 

do we get to meet before our wedding?

do you do elopements?

absolutely! I want to make sure we are a good fit! 

can we see a full gallery before we book?

I have a turnaround time of 8 weeks for your images! However, you will receive some sneak peeks within the first week to hold you over & get you both hyped!

when will we get our images back?

I truly do take a limited number of weddings per year because I value each couple and I want to be fully present for you during the planning process & for your day! 

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

Literally, same! Being photographed can feel so intimidating but I promise you, your mindset is so powerful! I dare you to approach this time with grace and hey I won't make you do anything you feel uncomfortable with! I want this to be a memorable time but for the right reasons

what if we are so awkward?

Yes, I am. If your vendor requires proof just shoot me an email and I will get the proof of insurance sent right over! 

are you insured?


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