September 19, 2018

Abby and Zach’s Minnesota Wedding

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So I’ve known Abby since August of 2015 when we attended a VERY small bible college called Jackson Hole Bible College in… You guessed it! Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  So when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I immediately jumped on it. I mean who

wouldn’t right? She’s STUNNING!

So back to 2015, fast forward a few months, the school year was over in May of 2016, (it’s a 1 year bible college so it was the dreaded time of saying “goodbyes”), so naturally that’s when all the families come to collect their kids and all the stuff that they’ve accumulated over the year. That’s when I met Zach, I don’t remember actually formally meeting him, BUT I REMEMBER SEEING HIM.  During that last week we decided to play this game, Romans and Christians which essentially is like kick-the-can only more spiritual.  HA! Anyways we played it in the church with the lights off, I was a Christian *flips hair* and Zach was a Roman.  My only solid memory of him was that night, I was a Christian looking for the light and he was a Roman trying to prevent me from finding it.  I remember rounding a blind corner full-speed ahead and coming face-to-face with Zach, Abby’s brother Zach, and another super tall man (another one of Abby’s clan) I stopped dead in my tracks and was legit scared out of my skin… You know like one of those nightmares where you can’t breathe or scream and can’t seem to run..? Yeah that was me! Three men towering over me running towards me. Legit I almost peed my pants as I turned and finally managed to sprint FOR M

Y LIFE out of there.  Talk about adrenaline rush.  So yes, that was my first interaction with Zach, it took over 2 years to formally meet him and realize he really wasn’t as scary as I remember him that day.


ANYWAYS. In August I had the opportunity to fly to Minnesota to photograph their beautiful wedding.  It was such a joy to catch up with Abby and other close college friends, we had a joyous time celebrating their union and I wanted to share a few highlights of their day on the blog!

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