November 13, 2018

The Kappes Family at the Parkway

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On November 3rd, 2018 I had the opportunity to capture the Kappes family’s portraits.  It was such a fun session and Corbin and Mackenzie were so joyful throughout the duration of the session!


Back story, Friday it rained all night.  Literally, all night.  Everything was soaked and flooded… Jenn and I had been corresponding previously and we were very concerned about flooding and water damage because the rain was that bad.  I decided to check out the parkway to see just how bad it was.  The creek was crazy high and rapid, the grass was damp, and the pathway was evidently damaged by high water.  Regardless, we decided to have the session there because we are both very busy and the weather is inevitable, right?


I’m so glad we did!! The ground was a little wet and muddy but for the most part the conditions were great! The rain also had scared most of the people away so we had the place practically to ourselves!  Aside from the “digger”, helicopter, and motorcycle that fascinated Corbin, of course!

Did I mention the colors were amazing!!

Also, Jenn and Jeremy, your kids are THE CUTEST!! Ahh I can’t even take it!! Such cuties!!


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  1. Love these so much!! You did an awesome job!

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