December 5, 2018

Smith Family Christmas Pictures

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On Tuesday, November 20th I had the opportunity to take pictures of the Smith family.  I work with Amanda and a few weeks prior she had asked me if I would be willing to take pictures of her sweet family while Josh was home for the Thanksgiving week.  I was so for it and we picked a date that worked for her, her kids school, and Josh’s time in Pennsylvania.

Amanda works weekend nights’, her kids are in school during the day, and the sunsets at 4:30 so you can imagine the figuring out we had to do to get a session in — thankfully, her kids had early dismissal on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week so we were able to squeeze in a session!

These guys were such troopers in Pennsylvania’s cold weather and high winds.  They were so cooperative with me and the pictures turned out great!

There is so much talent in this family I cannot believe it.  Josh is in the military and he got to come home for a week to visit Amanda and her family before returning for 9 months straight.  Amanda is an amazing ER nurse.  Jayden is a freshman at Emmaus high school.  Ty is on the football team for Emmaus middle school.  Mekhi is in second grade and his smile is the cutest!! Isaiah (Zay) is in first grade, he wants to be like Josh and be a soldier when he gets older.  Little miss Gabby is 5 and is such a cutie but man, can she hold her own with all of her brothers.

I had so much fun with this family session and got to sneak a couple shots of Josh and Amanda in while the kiddos warmed up in the car!

Thank you, Amanda, for entrusting me with pictures of your beautiful family.

Thank you, Josh, for your sacrifice and service! It is greatly appreciated!


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