October 22, 2019

Vanessa and Brandon’s Engagement session

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Hey friends,

So it’s been a minute… Story of my life.

So new marriage, full time work, and small business was a lot more than I originally anticipated. It’s amazing, really, and I’m not trying to sound complain-y it’s just busy!

I’ve been loving this fall weather-something about this season makes me feel like life is going to slow down. These cozy rainy days are my favorite and you better believe I use them to stay inside (like a true introvert), wrapped in blankets and drinking my coffee black from my favorite mug. The only downside is when my coffee gets cold and I have to de-burrito myself and go microwave my now room-temperature coffee.




Here is Vanessa and Brandon’s Engagement session!

Vanessa and I work together and when I say it took months of planning-I’m dead serious! Nothing like coordinating work schedules. Amiright? We picked this date months in advance and to our dismay it was raining that day. Thankfully the rain held off long enough for us to get some engagement pictures done! These two were troopers and so cute! I am absolutely stoked for their wedding next September! Until then feel free to enjoy the love these two share!

I cannot handle the props they brought! LOL

And these shirts!! Who can relate!?


Anyways! These two are so SO so fun and I’m so excited for them! Stay tuned for their wedding in September 2020! Talk to you guys again in a month! (jk, I’m going to try to be better! key word: TRY)

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