January 16, 2020

Karrie & Trevor’s Bake Oven Knob Sunrise Engagement Session

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Whew! It has been a hot minute friends… I feel like I open all of my blog posts that way. For real though. I keep trying to blog more I really do but when the inspiration isn’t there I try not to force it… Just keeping it real. Well 2019 FLEW by I’ll just say that. I have some big plans in 2020 and I’m so excited for you to come along for the ride!! Who is ready for a great year?!

Vincent and I have several good friends getting married in different states and we’re mainly excited for 2 big reasons, 1). More married friends (HOLLA!) and 2) We get to travel! We are heading to South Carolina this month and then in February we are heading to California for our friend’s wedding in which I will be the photographer so stay tuned for that!

Back to the topic-So I am sure you’ve seen these pictures before on my Instagram and Facebook. What can I say, it was a dreamy session!

So I know Karrie from bible study and let me just say we have both grown so much in the past year from it which is so exciting! When she reached out to me about engagement pictures and we took a look at our schedules we realized between our work schedules and the sunlight we were going to have to book them a month out. Craziness. So instead I pitched a sunrise engagement session to them and they were ALL for it.

Now, some of you know I am a nurse and my normal shift ends at 3:15… IN THE MORNING. I did not work the night before but I am usually going to bed at 4-4:30am and on this morning I was getting up at that time… My body was in shock until I walked outside that morning-then I was WIDE awake. Don’t you love that oober chilly air that hits you like a wall when you walk outside. Mhmmm so great.

We picked an early Friday morning in the beginning of November for their session. BOY was it frigid. Usually I’m fine in the cold (lies) but this was so frigid I’m talking 5 layers and still cold. It was totally worth it! We all left and still have all our fingers and toes so I could that automatically as a successful session.

We got to Bake Oven and walked to the cliffs and over looked the valley as the sun was working it’s way over the horizon.

Not sure if you guys knew this but Bake Oven Knob was where Vincent asked me to be his girlfriend, at sunrise, in 2016! Talk about ALL the feels especially now that we’re married!!

*violently sobs*

Okay I’m good now!

Anyways, Karrie and Trevor were such troopers enduring the cold but let me tell you the glow of the sun and the strength of their love warms my heart. AH I LOVE IT!!  These two are super cute together I cannot handle it! They recently bought their first home and are renovating and all the things which is so cool! I’m so super excited for their wedding in April! So much excitement for these two recently and I’m here for it!


Okay enough of me talking here is the reason you clicked on this link!

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