February 29, 2020

Hope and Gabe’s Los Angeles Wedding


Wow, where to begin… I have been pondering which way I would take this blog post for the past week and I am still at a loss so I will just speak/write what comes to mind.


Hope and Gabe


I met you both the day you both met. And what a whirlwind since it has been.  While Hope was finishing “getting ready” on her wedding day I got so emotional behind the camera because in that moment I saw the faithfulness of God come to fruition.  His goodness so ever-present and so close.  Watching two individuals who love and serve Him become inseperable friends, lovers, and now culminating as husband and wife. What a testimony of His great faithfulness. I’m lucky I can hide behind the camera during these moments because believe me I was a wreck.


This day. At last.

The day I would hear Hope talk about before they were dating. The day that Gabe knew would eventually come even though they had just met… He knew she was going to be his wife.

This love story, now not without fault, displays God’s never-ending pursuit of us.  These two hearts knit and woven seperately from the womb now forever sealed together by the power of God.  Marriage while taken lightly, disputed, twisted, and broken in and of itself in our society was intended and designed by God to display for the world a beautiful broken story of repentance.

This beautiful union of two souls now and forever, may it last.


Feeling the faithfulness of God that day did not stop in that moment. The first look-when Gabe saw his bride. His future wife. His forever in her eyes. The look in his eyes, one I believe is how Christ sees us, beautiful, worthy, and clothed in white because of the power of the blood.


Another example of God’s faithfulness this day was as simple as the weather. The whole week prior was spend in prayer for the weather. Hope had planned for bridal party pictures and couples portraits before the wedding and the reception was in a courtyard outside as well. The day before the wedding there was still a 70% chance of rain throughout the duration of the time we spent outside.  Hope explained to me the LA effect with rain. With the coast and the mountains to the east, storm clouds get trapped and the weather can be difficult to predict. Well as you can see in the pictures below, it did not rain once… Over us. Apparently LA got SOAKED but guess who did not. The bride and groom and the photographers with expensive cameras.



Let me tell you about another beautiful love story.  The wedding dress. On her wedding day, Hope wore her mom’s wedding dress. This dress, Hope’s grandmother made for her mom’s wedding, down to the beautiful beading on the bodice she hand strung. This dress while tangible represents another marriage tried and tested by time, yet faithful.  Hope and Gabe have the privilege and honor of coming from generations of lasting marriages.

I could go on and on about this day, these beautiful souls, and the faithfulness of God but I will end this here.

Hope and Gabe I’ll leave you with this and then let you sneak a peek at more of your pictures. May you remember your vows of faithfulness and commitment and always remember God’s unending faithfulness towards you. Never stop pursuing each other and Christ together. May you grow old together and be blessed beyond measure. I love you both dearly. –P.S. You are always welcome to come visit us is PA!



Shout out to Robert Trumble for being an awesome second shooter! You can check him out here and give him a follow!

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