May 17, 2020

Haines Mill Photoshoot

Well, I have been absolutely dying to take pictures of things other than myself (self-portraits) and my plants. Y’all it’s been a hot minute since I was able to take pictures of actual people so when I say it made my heart happy, that’s an understatement!

I’m sure if you’ve been around for awhile you’ve seen Liz on my feed.

Truth is we survived nursing school together and we saw each other every day during that time. Now,  a year later, we are living 4 hours apart and seeing each other a few times a year. Crazy how life changes so quickly!

Anyways, her and Eric came to visit family this weekend and stopped by. We decided to take pictures because well-we both love it and the opportunity to get some cute pictures with our ever so-willing husbands well that’s fun too! 😉

The past few days here in Allentown, Pennsylvania has been GORGEOUS-borderline summer weather but it’s better than the snow we got last weekend (amiright?). You’ve got to take advantage of it!

Photographer husbands when their services are not currently needed, he’s so cute! I can’t help it!

Having photographers as friends is fun because you can to play with your camera and then they get to play with their cameras and you usually end up getting some fun pictures as a result! Here’s the pictures the Diewalds took of us! Hit them up if your from the Albany, New York area!

So you’re probably wondering, “what the heck is going on”. Well I jumped up to hang onto the tree, not realizing how close behind me Vincent was standing. When I let go, I must have fallen into him so he goes flying in the other direction and somehow in the process my foot got stepped on, by his foot or my own the world may never know.

Well that’s all friends! Just a little photoshoot fun to get out of the house! Also shameless plug to message me if you want pictures done this summer! Comment below your favorite warm weather activity!

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