September 10, 2020

Second Mountain Sunflowers Orwigsburg PA

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I promise to one day not post about the magic of golden hour with golden sunflower however, today is not that day!  Can we talk about this gorgeous field for a minute, let me introduce you to Second Mountain Sunflowers.  I stumbled upon this magical place by a facebook friend posting a picture and tagging the location. So naturally I stalked their facebook page and determined I must see this place in person. My sister graciously and swiftly volunteered herself and her boyfriend, Bryce to go with me to create some magic.

Gotta love family amiright?


We witnessed this Second Mountain Sunflower Sunset on a Tuesday evening near the end of August and the sunflowers were just getting over their peak-absolutely so worth it!!

Second Mountain Sunflowers hosts festivals during the peak season with live music and food trucks. GUYS, it costs $5 to get in and once you’re in they say you are allowed to pick as many sunflower as you can carry! Or you can be like us and just go to take some pictures.


Well, without further ado. Here are some of the Second Mountain Sunflower Sunset Portraits! It is my hope that you can feel the love that these two share by looking at these pictures!


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  1. Jeanna says:

    Amazing photos! I can see why sunset is called the golden hour! There is a glow around Bryce and Sadie that is so beautiful!

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