April 2, 2021

Friday Fix Series Week 2

I promised a series and quickly failed, so here is my second attempt at consistency! I loved this series so I am going to try to keep it going!

That being said-

My Friday Fixes week 2 edition

1). This Spotify Warm Spring Nights I made-you know procrastinating my life obligations.

It’s got a mix of my favorites, some throwbacks, smooth country, and soft jazz and alternative. It’s the perfect cozy mix for this transition into spring.

2). The Yeti Rambler

This is 32 ounces and is my rediscovered favorite cup. being a gild that takes a water bottle everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE-this is a favorite! I use it with reusable silicone straws because for some odd reason I use drink wayyy more with a straw than a traditional water bottle type. Is it laziness? Is it convenience? Idk but it works!

3). The App Planoly

I take great pride and caution in curating my instagram feed. I use this app to plan out my feed to make sure everything looks cohesive next to my previous posts. This seriously helps with managing posting and your can even save posts to be posted at certain times etc. P.S. it’s free!!

4). This candle

Oh my goodness this candle is sooo good!! My sweet friend, Hannah gave this Dried Lavender and Oak candle to me last year and it is perfect for fall! I found a variation of it at Home Goods-it is Cedar and Lavender. They both have this woodsy yet subtle floral note that is absolutely perfect for fall especially if you are not as into the super sweet smelling fall candles like warm vanilla sugar.

5). This polaroid

There is nothing like an instant print and for whatever reason I cherish them more than a simple iPhone picture, maybe because you get 1 copy or maybe because it’s printed (side note: PRINT YOUR PICTURES-it is important!) I have this Fujifilm Instax Mini and it’s so cute and compact perfect for a purse or on the go!


So there you have it! My Friday Fix-let me know if you try any of these things or if you have used any of these products/suggestions before & what you think!

Until next week!


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