May 2, 2021

Sadie’s Studio Session-Arthritis Awareness

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As some of you know-if you follow me on instagram and facebook I recently set up an in-home studio for more variety in my pictures and to stretch myself professionally. Well, due to Covid-19 this has been put more on the back burner due to safety and being indoors. That being said, it’s been fun tapping into my creative side through the use of the studio set up. I cannot wait to be able to safely offer that as a service!

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying playing around with it with my family.


As some of you may know, Sadie has been having increasing joint pain in her back over the past couple years. She has had numerous tests, blood work, scans, medication trials etc., to find out what exactly is causing the pain she is experiencing. The rheumatologist diagnosed her with non-radiographic ankylosing spondylitis. For the non-medical group this is a rare autoimmune disease that is in the family of arthritis. If left untreated causes such inflammation that eventually the spinal cord can begin fusing and become rigid and in0flexible. She is so strong. She is currently finishing up her first semester of nursing school. I am so proud of her for continuing to push through pain and do hard things.

When researching about her condition I found that butterflies are a symbol of autoimmune disease.

Representing beauty and grace. Traditionally the butterfly symbolizes endurance, hope, strength, and life. It is my hope that post can help bring awareness to the many millions suffering with chronic pain. This world is full or beauty but also suffering and I tend to think the two are way deeper connected than we like to think.

Today, May 2nd is National Ankylosing Spondylitis Day and in honor of that, here are the pictures.

girl looking directly at camera covered in white butterflies

I hope this post has inspired you to push through and overcome any battle that you may face today knowing that there are special people in this world fighting chronic pain daily.

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