August 21, 2018

Reasons to Consider a First Look

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What exactly is a first look? Well a first look is a trend that couples have been doing and it provides a unique opportunity for the couple to get a little alone time before the ceremony starts.  It is a time for you and your special soon-to-be-honey to have some together time to talk, hug, twirl, pray, laugh, dance, cry, whatever you want.  It provides a unique time of just the two of you (and your photographer of course!) before the rest of this special day continues on. 

Here are a few reasons you should consider scheduling a “first look” into your wedding day…

1).  It gets those pre-wedding jitters out.

a. Seeing your future-soon-to-be spouse for the first time on your wedding day can be pretty intimidating.  If you picture yourself walking down that aisle the only person you see is the person you’re about to marry, so why not just replicate that event at an earlier time to better capture the intimate emotions involved in the first look.

2.)  It gives you two sometime together before the “craziness” of the rest of the day happens.

a. As fun as weddings are they can get pretty intense and if you’re anything like me, aka an introvert, we need the time away from people to recharge.  Having a first look with your honey allows the two of you some precious time before you become the center of attention over the next couple hours.  It gets you away alone together for just a few minutes to just be in each other’s arms or pray together for your new marriage.  It’s just a sweet time you will cherish for years to come.

3.)  It allows the photographer to get portraits of the two of you while your hair and makeup are still perfect

a.When first looks happen it’s usually right after your spent hours on hair and makeup, meaning everything is in looking its absolute best.  It’s before the happy tears and potential weather occurrences that may interfere.  

4.)  It allows you to get the bridal party pictures done.

a. Some brides decided to do the first look as well as the complete bridal party pictures before the ceremony which allows less time needed between the ceremony and reception that your guests are waiting for you.  

5.) It captures the raw emotions and the love you two have for each other.

a.These pictures are capturing the very first time the two of you see each other on your wedding day.  This day represents the first day of your entire life, it is a new chapter.  That being said, a “first look” allows the two of you to show more emotion in a more relaxed setting than during the ceremony. 

Whether you choose to do a first look or not, I know that your wedding day will be spectacular and display the love that you have for each other.


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