November 1, 2018

The story of our ENGAGEMENT!

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What? Did I seriously just write that title..?? Who? Y’all I’m still in disbelief SOMEONE PINCH ME PLEASE!!!

Okay so mini freak out over, (Just kidding, it will never be over)

Yes, it’s true, Vincent and I are engaged and this past week did our engagement pictures with the lovely and very talented, Liz Waterman Photography. Who not only is am amazing photographer, she is my nursing school buddy, best friend, and fellow coffee obsessor.  Check out her blog post on my engagement here!

Here’s how it all went down…

On Sunday, October 21st, 2018, Vincent asked me to marry him at top of the waterfalls at Glen Onoko in Jim Thorpe, PA.

The day started out around 8 am when my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed, got dressed for church and staggered down the stairs as I normally do pre-coffee.  At the bottom of the stairs was waiting Vincent with a fresh cup of coffee and a big smile. We said our good mornings, drank some coffee, and headed to church. We arrived bright and early to first service and got to hear from 2 missionaries, we sat together with out coffees hearing about all the awesome things God is doing all around the world.  After church ended, we headed back home to change from church clothes into more appropriate fall weather attire.


Let me preface this, we have been wanting to do this awesome train ride/downhill bike ride in Jim Thorpe.  There are these historic train rides that you can take to the top of the mountain then ride your bike 15 miles down the mountain.  This was the plan for the day.


With said plan in mind I dressed accordingly, I was wearing a t-shirt, beating50percent sweatshirt and then leggings and sneakers because we were biking.  Since dating Vincent he has taught me to pack layers upon layers (that’s what happens when you grow up in Maine), so I did.  Well, I brought plenty of layers for my upper body.  I had on my sweatshirt which has these pink flowers on it and my sneakers which also have pink on them. I knew it was going to be cold so I wanted to wear my pink Love Your Melon hat because it would have totally coordinated and looked amazing! With many things in my life, it was missing, so there I was tearing my room apart looking for it while Vincent was being so patient with me as I was freaking out frantically looking for this had.  Tragically I could not find it, I finally just gave up and got in the car all pouty and upset.  Vincent gave me some space as I did an attitude check.  BUT YOU GUYS IT WOULD HAVE LOOKED SO CUTE! UGH! Still cannot find it to this day… It’s okay. I’m over it. So we drove the 45 minutes it took to Jim Thorpe and found out as we got there that it was their “Fall Foliage Festival.” Once we finally found a parking spot, Vincent parked the car as I continued to pout.

He gave me the “mom-talk” I don’t remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of, “We’re going to just go home if you don’t turn your attitude around now.” I shocked lol, he’s usually not that direct and “harsh” with me but I obviously needed it.  After about 5 minutes of recollecting myself we got out of the nice toasty car and stepped out into the cold mountain air.  I know Jim Thorpe is north of Allentown but I’m never prepared for just HOW cold it is up there.  I was again in my leggings, sneakers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and flannel. It was cold.  We walked over to the train station, got in line, got to the front of said line, and realized there is no biking in October… Great. So now I’m in cold athletic wear with no athletic activities to accompany my attire.  Ha.  So we bought tickets for a half hour after that time and walked around to see the festivities.  There I am freezing in my athletic attire and everyone else is in boots with wool socks, sweaters, and winter jackets looking all cute, fallish, and warm… Then there’s me. Story of my life.  We boarded the train, which had no heat may I add, I had a rough couple minutes on the train but then recollected myself.  Poor Vincent endured through all this but continued to stay positive!

We snuggled close on the train and rode along as the conductor told us all about the history of the tracks and Jim Thorpe.  The trees were gorgeous and it was overall an awesome train ride.  On the way back I perked up more so that was more enjoyable for the both of us!  Once we got off the train it was evident we were both famished so we walked up main street looking for a place to eat. Then we walked back down main street because we didn’t find anything besides sandwiches and salad… Who even eats a salad when its 40 degrees out?? Not me!

We finally ended up at Broadway Grille to eat and let me tell you they had the BEST chili I’ve ever consumed!! AH it was so good! We ate and continued to warm up and then walked over to Muggle’s Mug to get Maple Latte’s. We sat and sipped our lattes around 4pm and then Vincent asked me if I wanted to hike Glen Onoko to which I said “yes!”  Since I was now fed, my thirst was quenched, and I was warmed up.

We drove over to Glen Onoko and were walking in when all these fire trucks and volunteers came. As we hiked up they were all walking up the mountain.  Vincent and I were ahead of them and let me tell you, I’ve never felt safer on a hike.  I was so pumped! It was evident that someone was injured up there and being in nursing school, that excited me! I know, I know I’m a horrible person.  Regardless I was preoccupied with that situation.  Vincent and I continued to walk up sipping our lattes… Are we millennial or what?  We didn’t talk much on the way up but I was focused on spotting the injured man and breathing and I assumed that Vincent was doing the same thing.

So we got to the top of the falls and the leaves were beginning to turn a gorgeous golden color.  We sat down at the top to rest a little.  All of a sudden Vincent was standing up and pulling me up telling me to come over to the edge, so naturally I tried to go to the actual edge. (sorry mom!)  He pulled me back from the edge alittle and then said, “I have something for you!”  Not going to lie at this point I knew something big was coming, so I started shaking as Vincent shuffled in his pocket and then slowly got down on one knee.  I don’t remember exactly what he said and that’s between the two of us but I said “yes!” We both cried and were shaking so badly (NEAR THE 30 FOOT DROP… worth it).  After getting over the initial shock of all of it we headed back down the mountain so excited and in disbelief of what happened.  We got down safely and Search and Rescue was still searching for the man who fell.  They were able to rescue him later that evening.  Vincent and I headed home to a long fun evening of calling and telling people the exciting news!

It was a day I’ll never forget and I’m beaming just writing about it right now.  I cannot wait to marry you in 278 days Vincent Michael!!



Also, because this is just TOO GOOD!

The first picture is what the photographer means when she says, “okay, now wrap her up!”

The second picture is the reality of what actually happens!


Stay tuned for our forever beginning August 5th, 2019 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!


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    Ohh I love this!….. and the pictures are gorgeous!!!

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