November 2, 2018

Golden Hour and Why I Love It

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about golden hour. Golden hour provides this gorgeous lighting for pictures.  I suggest to all my clients to schedule their sessions at this time because it’s THAT good!!

Golden hour technically happens twice a day at sunrise and sunset. Since most people aren’t looking like a 10 at 5 A.M. (if you are, please let me in on the secret!!), I typically suggest the later P.M. golden hour.  It’s the most reasonable time for most of the world!

What is golden hour exactly and why am I obsessed with it?

Golden hour begins around 2 hours BEFORE sunset, it’s when the sun is low in the sky as it approaches the horizon.


Why do I love golden hour so much? I’ll give you my five reasons why down below!


Reason #1: The GOLDEN part! Profound right?! I thought so! No but in all reality, as the sun starts to set it casts this GORGEOUS light. It lightens and brightens everything up, giving the pictures an added warmth and glow. Who doesn’t love warmth and glow anyways? Think of a warm, glowing fire in the dead of winter when the snow is falling. Sorry guys, it’s November 1st and the Christmas music is playing!


Reason #2: The harsh shadows aren’t there! Anyone ever take a selfie in direct sunlight at noon? Been there done that! Ever notice the shadows on your face? I guarantee if you didn’t before, you will now! You’re welcome!! Anyways, since the sun is low in the sky, you are less likely to get those lovely nose shadows and squinty eyes.  It will also help you to be more comfortable during the shoot, your face muscles will thank me later on this one, I promise!



What lovely shadows!!

Reason #3: Soft even light! This one is huge! Can you do a shoot, in the shade, at noon, under trees? Absolutely! However with trees and leaves there are sun spots that peek through that can cause lovely hotspots (and not the cellular ones) on your body. These tend to be distracting to the eye! However, if you schedule a shoot in the evening when the sun is below the trees you’ll be less likely to have these hot spots!


This is me and my Fiancé, notice the hot spots on our faces? Yeah, not the most flattering

Reason #4: Most of the world works during the day! This makes it super convenient for us photographers because the best light is usually when the world is off work.

Reason #5: It’s a perfect excuse for a date night afterwards! For you couples out there this is the perfect time to go get some portraits done.  Afterwards you can treat yourselves to a nice dinner to celebrate your love and enjoy being together. Since you’re already dressed up might as well right?

Again, you can schedule a sunrise session, I have personally.  Yes, it was worth it, just bundle up and make sure to wake up a little earlier than you normally would to get ready because your face might look fluffier in pictures, like mine did below!


So whether you are scheduling a shoot or just want to improve your selfie game, look for some open shade by a building or not in direct light and please, if your photographer suggests a session in the evening, PLEASE listen to them!!!






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