February 3, 2020

5 Tips to Stop Wedding Planning Stress

Okay. We’ve all experienced that awful ugly feeling of stress, right? It is absolutely not fun and I do not recommend if you’re one of thooseeee people who has never ever experienced it.

Your wedding is not meant to be stressful. Not at all. That was not the intention, yet here we are stressed.

Below I’ve got 5 tips for you to put an end to this wedding planning stress or just general stress overall.

I remember the months up to my wedding I was so stressed and it wasn’t necessarily ALL wedding related there were other factors involved like nursing school, graduating nursing school, NCLEX, starting a new job, renovating, etc. You get the point.

Stressful things.

Most of the time the “stressors” were not wedding related but slap on some wedding planning and that was the icing on the cake.

So, without further ado. Here are my lil’ tips on how to combat wedding planning stress.

1). Please realize that this is your and your fiancé’s day. That’s it. End of discussion.

No really though. There are things that people will want you to do on your wedding and you can have that discussion with them and be honest about your wishes and preferences. I wish I would have expressed myself a little more with my own wedding because there were things I wasn’t direct about and I regret not having that open and honest communication about our preferences.

2).  Take a break from wedding planning for a minute.

I realized that in the brief time that Vincent and I had to spend together a lot was wedding focused which isn’t bad. It was a season. There were days where we had a lot to accomplish. Whether it was the guest list, the center pieces or our vows whatever it was we decided to drop it and do something we loved. Please, make it a point to not talk about the wedding on during this excursion. At the end of your wedding day, all the details will have worked out and you’ll be married forever so make sure to continue to invest in your love as you experience life up until your wedding day. Also, I recommend just getting up to move your body, go on a walk or a hike or a run (if that is your thing) just get up and get that heart rate up. Endorphins are so good for stress reduction and your general health overall.

3). Take a deep breath.

I use these techniques with my patients from time to time and I use this exercise on myself on the daily. Place both feet on the ground (sitting or standing), close your eyes. Now take a long deep inhale for 4 seconds. Now slowly exhale for 6 seconds. Repeat until you feel your heart rate slowing down.

4). Prioritize!

Once you’ve laid those expectations aside make sure you prioritize what you want to spend your money on. Are you a foodie? Do you like your pastries and desserts? Do you want epic pictures? Make sure you look at that budget you have decided on and prioritize what you want. I know for us, especially with me being a photographer, pictures were very important. I knew I needed a photographer who I could trust fully to capture my wedding day so we invested in that and did more DIY elsewhere in order to have wiggle room in the budget to prioritize what we wanted. Money can be a huge stressor in weddings so prioritizing is key. Pinterest has so many wedding hacks its ridiculous.

5). Your wedding day will be perfect to you!

There is so much stress surrounding this proclaimed “perfect day.” The reality check from the realist over here (a.k.a. me) is that as long as you end up married your wedding day will be perfect. On your wedding day you are marrying your favorite person ever (at least I hope they are your favorite) and that is all that matters! There is a high change of minor inconveniences to occur on your day but please don’t get caught up in those. Focus on the reason why today is so special. This day is a celebration because you are marrying the best.human.ever. Your new life starts today!


6). Slap some lavender essential oil on and follow step 3.

Ya’ll I live on that stuff. I really believe it calms me down and helps me to de-stress my life. Ask any of my coworkers and they will tell you I have lavender on myself ALL.THE.TIME! I low-key feel like Gus Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding but instead of Windex just put some lavender on it.



Welp. There you have it, my 5 ways to help you to de-stress about your wedding or just your life in general. Stress does nothing good to our bodies whether it’s increasing inflammation, healing time, making us more susceptible to illness and disease. Stress is no good and I hope this little tip sheet helps you or at least entertained you for a few minutes!



Cute pic of Vincent and I playing with our table runners that we dyed

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