March 31, 2021

What in the World have I been doing Recently?

I seriously suck so bad at this whole blogging thing and I chronically say “I’m going to do better.” I guess only time will tell. Okay I’ll cut to the chase because have you ever looked up a recipe online and it takes a solid minute to get the the actual ingredient list? Like I just want to know what’s in it to see if I can make it. So without further ado… Here’s what I’ve been up to!


1). I have an office now!

This past winter Vincent and I turned one of the extra bedrooms in our home to my office space which was a HUGE upgrade from the dining room table! Already it has provided a much needed work-life balance. I used to be in the middle of something photography or school related in the middle of lunch with my husband. Not good. But this is so much better!


2). Vincent and I recently did Whole30.

This is kind of TMI but may be helpful for some. I used to struggle with acne in nursing school really bad. I think the combination of stress, little sleep, bad food choices lead to it. After school it cleared up but then come fall 2020 it got SO bad! I convinced Vincent who reluctantly said yes but did it with me out of support. It honestly helped my skin so much! Now I just have to figure out what foods cause this reaction.

I am a big believer in fueling your body with what it needs and finding the root cause of issues that may arise. Acne is inflammatory so what is causing the inflammation? Yes medication is out there and it works but for me I wanted to find out why my skin was reacting this way and I believe it’s food related.


3). I am off social media

Yep that’s right! At least for a week! I am in a bible study with several girls around my age and we’ve had this bible study for over 3 years now but we were all sharing how social media leaves us drained, mentally exhausted, and just does not provide anything fulfilling or worthwhile. Also my screen-time notifications actually make me sick. I spend an average of 2 hours on instagram alone and a daily average of 4-6 hours of screen-time. For me, that is way too much. So we made a pact to delete our social media apps from our phones and computers for a week and then we will reevaluate. I’m already thinking about all that extra time I’ll have and how best to use it!


4). Lavender Honey Latte

Since being off Whole30 for a week now but still trying to maintain it sustainably, I have been craving lattes. Good news, you can still have a latte and not feel totally guilty. I make espresso on our stove-top espresso maker, then I heat up and froth some oat milk & add it to the espresso. While whipping up the oat milk I’ll add this lavender simple syrup I made with monk fruit instead of sugar (monk fruit is not whole 30 but still a better alternative to white cane sugar and works just as well). This is the recipe I followed & I used some of the culinary lavender that was thrown at us for the send off of our wedding (*tears*).

5). My Email List

Since I’ll be taking a break from social media I wanted to invite you to join my email list to keep up to date with all the happenings! I have put this on the back burner but now that I’ll have an extra 4-6 hours a day (from no social media) I hope to pour more into blogging, email list, and sessions. I’m thinking I am going to do a Mother’s Day Sale in a few weeks for my Mini Session so make sure you sign up for that to get the details on that!! My email list always gets priority.

I know what you’re thinking-another email subscription I don’t need but I promise I will not spam you with excessive emails, just to keep you up to date!

You can sign up here!


Well that’s all for now! I hope you are all having a great fresh start to this beautiful new month! Until next time!

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