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girl looking directly at camera covered in white butterflies

As some of you know-if you follow me on instagram and facebook I recently set up an in-home studio for more variety in my pictures and to stretch myself professionally. Well, due to Covid-19 this has been put more on the back burner due to safety and being indoors. That being said, it’s been fun […]

Sadie’s Studio Session-Arthritis Awareness

Heidee and Cody got married on October 31st, 2020 at Harmony Gardens in North-East Pennsylvania. This post is a bit of a special one for me. I work in an Emergency Department in Allentown and Heidee and Cody also work there as well. They started dating before or soon after I started working there while […]

Heidee and Cody’s Micro Wedding at Harmony Gardens

I promised a series and quickly failed, so here is my second attempt at consistency! I loved this series so I am going to try to keep it going! That being said- My Friday Fixes week 2 edition 1). This Spotify Warm Spring Nights I made-you know procrastinating my life obligations. It’s got a mix of […]

Friday Fix Series Week 2

Selfie of my husband and I at my friend's wedding

I seriously suck so bad at this whole blogging thing and I chronically say “I’m going to do better.” I guess only time will tell. Okay I’ll cut to the chase because have you ever looked up a recipe online and it takes a solid minute to get the the actual ingredient list? Like I […]

What in the World have I been doing Recently?

man and woman kissing in the rain

So apparently I haven’t posted a blog post since October… Oops. What can I say, I am very busy! Between working full-time as a nurse in an ER, getting my undergrad, running a business and a home, I’m a little stretched. All good things and I love each outlet don’t get me wrong. It’s just […]

Sabrina & Ian’s Fall Engagement at Lockridge park

I am finally getting around to posting Shalee and Ryan’s Engagement session from Jacobsburg Park! Wow, and in the same season that I shot it it-it’s a record guys and I’m not mad about it!   These two met online (as most people do these days amiright?) and well, lets just say the rest is […]

Shalee & Ryan’s Jacobsburg Park Engagement Session

Hey all! As you can see in the title, I am starting a new blog series called Friday Fix, you can expect a quick little blog post of 5 random things that goes live on Friday (shocker)! These little posts will include life updates, favorite things, life hacks, and other random things I may decide […]

Friday Fix Series-Week 1

I promise to one day not post about the magic of golden hour with golden sunflower however, today is not that day!  Can we talk about this gorgeous field for a minute, let me introduce you to Second Mountain Sunflowers.  I stumbled upon this magical place by a facebook friend posting a picture and tagging […]

Second Mountain Sunflowers Orwigsburg PA

Wow friends, it has been awhile since I posted a blog post. TBH I think I say that every time I write a post but this time-its justified. There’s something about the slowness of September that just motivates me to do the things I’ve been putting off. Anyone else? A few weeks ago I had […]

Easton Sunflowers and Cake

Well, I have been absolutely dying to take pictures of things other than myself (self-portraits) and my plants. Y’all it’s been a hot minute since I was able to take pictures of actual people so when I say it made my heart happy, that’s an understatement! I’m sure if you’ve been around for awhile you’ve […]

Haines Mill Photoshoot